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The Website Owner

The owner of this website is BCS and MBA (HR). He has completed his Bachelors in Computer Science (BCS) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with majors in Human Resource Management (HRM). Hence, most of the material discussed on this website will be related to either technology or management. However, the owner also has a keen interest in world politics, local politics, literature, poetry, and other art forms. The owner assures you that this blend of various fields will provide you a higher level of variety and diversity when it comes to the content posted on this website. The owner's country of residence is Pakistan. Hence, you will find in-depth coverage of topics related to Pakistan. The owner is hopeful of increased site viewership.

The owner has been evaluating the website creation for almost two years. However, the platforms in the form of social networking sites would make the owner re-think about creating his website. After all, why to create a website, when one can create pages and user accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and so forth. However, finally, the owner concluded that other platforms could not provide the amount of control over the content and its visibility that one gets on his website. A website gives you a dedicated domain, domain email addresses, and file storage space. The owner hopes that the encouragement of the website visitors will further motivate him.

The knowledge base of technological world is a massive dataset, and no one can master all the arts and skills of the trade. Based on owner's qualification, knowledge, and experience, the website is built to the best that could be delivered concerning technology. However, the owner welcomes suggestions and recommendations for improvements.

We are living in a world where the competition is getting severe to get the best share of the available resources. The urge of accumulation has resulted in a drastic compromise on moral values, respect for humanity, and taking care of the rights of others. However, even the most magnificent island that a man may build for himself has to exist within a surrounding. If the surroundings and environment are not conducive, their waves and vibes will eventually affect the island too. This website aims to create a better world by knowing both our rights and responsibilities. We love to enrich and empower you because we believe that better society and a better world is a win-win situation for all its habitats. The creative encounters on this website will inspire and develop all of us together. The world is too big to be affected by a single site, but we aim to play our part and add at least our small contribution.

W3C logoCurrently, the website will display content covering contemporary issues and topics. However, we are firm believers in two-way communication. Sooner, you as a reader/visitor will also be able to provide your candid views and feedback. The owner of the website is associated with other projects/tasks as well. However, he will ensure as much responsiveness as he can within the time constraint.

We as humans have our strengths and weaknesses. However, when we engage in intellectual discourse, we find ways of overcoming our weaknesses and capitalizing on our strengths. Sometimes, it turns out that the failings that we think we have are our misconceptions or limited understanding of the overall picture. We can only enlighten ourselves in this regard if we discuss our issues and listen to the interpretations of our circle. We believe that a lot can be learned if we look to one another with an open mind and an open heart. Technology can facilitate our interactions and interventions, but the ultimate success lies in the will and commitment of an individual. We are living in an interconnected virtual world, but a lot has to be done to accomplish the same connectivity in the real world. Our tolerance, respect for others, and cooperation can undoubtedly lead us towards this goal.

Technology timeline

  1. 1905: Albert Einstein explains the photoelectric effect.
  2. 1908: American industrialist and engineer Henry Ford launches the Ford Model T, the world's first truly affordable car.
  3. 1924: Electro-Mechanical television system invented by John Logie Baird.
  4. 1956: Optical fiber invented by Basil Hirschowitz, C. Wilbur Peters, and Lawrence E. Curtiss.
  5. 1959: IBM and General Motors develop Design Augmented by Computers-1 (DAC-1), the first computer-aided design (CAD) system.
  6. 1969: ARPANET first deployed via UCLA, SRI, UCSB, and The University of Utah.
  7. 1970: The pocket calculator is invented in Japan.
  8. 1990: The World Wide Web is first introduced to the public by English engineer and computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
  9. 1995: becomes one of the world's first online radio stations.
  10. 2006: W3C announces it will work with the WHATWG on HTML5.
  11. 2007: Apple introduces a touchscreen cellphone called the iPhone.
  12. 2010: 3D TV starts to become more widely available.